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Water. The Sacred Relationship.

The Sacred Relationship in the classroom and the community

The lesson plans were prepared specifically for Grades 5 and 6 Alberta Social Studies and Science curriculum. However, we encourage teachers from across Canada to adapt the lesson plans for any grade level (between 7–12) in any Province/Territory. As well, community program facilitators can use and adapt the lesson plan to suit their own purposes. The Sacred Relationship package includes the printed curriculum and documentary on a USB.

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The Sacred Relationship brings Indigenous worldview into your classroom and community. Download or order easy-to-teach lesson plans based on a series of fifteen educational videos. The videos feature perspectives on water from Indigenous Elders, leaders, and Western Scientists from across Alberta.

Grade 5 Science – Wetland Eco-Systems

  • Eleven Lesson Plans

  • Six Online Videos

Grade 5 Social Studies – Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada

  • Four Lesson Plans

  • Four Online Videos

Grade 6 Science – Evidence and Investigation

  • Three Lesson Plans

  • Three Online Videos

Grade 6 Social Studies – Citizens Participating in Decision Making

  • One Lesson Plan

  • One Online Video